Monday, December 28, 2009

The Launching of "Are you Sleeping on a Shamooz?" campaign

Best kept secret used by celebrities.
Do you have DRY skin?
Do you wake up with creases on your face?
Does your hair feel brittle and lifeless?

The WAIT is over. With a small investment, Healthier hair and skin is just a night's sleep away with SHARMOOZ® Satin Pillowcases.

Make your skin and hair
and FEEL amazing.

Why choose Sharmooz® satin pillowcases?

Sharmooz® satin pillowcases are made from the highest quality Charmeuse satin and will hydrate your hair and skin. Other satin pillowcases often include fabric fillers, such as cotton, acetate, and nylon, a blend that can irritate your skin and leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable as you sleep. Not only do these cotton and blended fabrics fail to effectively nourish your skin and hair, but they also don't hold up as well after a few tumbles in the washing machine as 100% charmeuse satin pillowcases do.

Sharmooz 100% charmeuse satin pillowcases will nourish your hair and skin, feel great, retain their silkiness after multiple washings, and work to help you get smoother, younger-looking skin and luscious hair unlike others. To start waking up with refreshed, beautiful skin and hair, just select your satin pillowcase from the stylish colors and patterns.(machine wash cold/regular cycle)

Sharmooz® has researched and is becoming the expert in satin fabrics and hair & skin care. This fabric has a silken feel of 100% charmeuse satin and with visible results (without acetate or nylon fillers) to ensure the functionality and maximum protection from damaging cotton pillowcases. Satin has been recommended for years by the medical profession and hair stylist for treatment for hair loss problems due to prescription induced or medical procedures. American Cancer Society

BUY 1 Satin Pillowcase and Get 1 FREE for a new you!

The Sharmooz launches new ad campaign for skin-hydrating, hair-rejuvenating satin products

(December 18, 2009) – Two years after The Sharmooz Company was launched with just one item, their Original Baby Sharmooz Infant Hair Loss product, the mom-owned company has experienced rapid growth and is preparing for even greater exposure in 2010. A brand-new advertising campaign called “Are you sleeping on a Sharmooz?” will launch on January 5, 2010, to promote the company’s high-quality satin gift products.

The upcoming advertising campaign will announce the new, streamlined product packaging and provide dramatic pictorials of The Sharmooz Company’s most popular product: the revolutionary spa satin pillowcases. Due to customer request, the Sharmooz line quickly expanded from the original infant hair loss line to include luxury spa satin pillowcases and other satin goods designed to stop hair damage and relieve dry skin in everyone, from infants to the elderly.

The new advertising campaign will include spots on internet social media sites Facebook and Twitter, radio, and
local television in the Baton Rouge area. Currently available in twenty retail and online locations, The Sharmooz spa satin pillowcases and other satin products will soon be distributed on a nationwide basis. With a focus on serving fine spas, salons, and retailers worldwide, The Sharmooz has implemented a convenient ordering process and prompt delivery schedule that helps ensure customers will get the right order on time, every time.
The Sharmooz founder and inventor Ann Tillage, a.k.a. “Mommy Executive,” is an author and has been featured on several blogs, prestigious local magazines, national radio shows, and the television station WAFB.

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