Saturday, January 31, 2009

Save My Hair Campaign!

Saving and maintaining ourselves is one of few luxuries we tend to put on the back burner, but in uncertain economical times, we look for simple beauty tips to uplift our spirits. Red lipstick sales soared during the recession of the 90’s. Many reasons were sited to simple, inexpensive fixes to brighten our day. Inner beauty can be enhanced by our outward appearances and emotions. Why not limit us to shiny lips? Let’s learn to maintain and save our hair with inexpensive suggestions.

What would you do with extra money from fewer trips to the salon?

Different hair textures and styling techniques can vary in hair care and maintenance treatments.

Are you tired of long morning routines in styling your hair?
Bad hair days?
Fussing with tangles?

Simple ways to handle hair care treatments can involve:

Less chemical applications (if chemical treatments are applied, limit re-application from 6 weeks to 8 weeks)
Hair friendly styles (limit ponytails and up-dos that pull and tug hair)
East responsibility (poor diet and imbalance in daily nutrients can aid in lack of hair luster)
Attempt in maintaining balance of moisture in the hair.

One simple and yet affordable way to maintain our styles is a nightly treatment:

HAIR MOISTURE RETENTION! What ??!! Satin Pillowcases

Our grandmothers have known about this simple proven way to maintain moisture,
stop bed hair and add a little luxury to our lives. Satin pillowcases for generations, especially during the up-do decades - maintained hair styles. Each morning was met with no frizzies, easy touch-up routines, less tangles, shine retention and of course moisture balance. Further benefits:

Protects Hair from Drying
Assist with Hair Growth
Cool Night's Sleep
Reduces Breakage
Less Shedding

But of course, not all satin is created equal. The weight and durability of satin (a delicate fabric) must stand up to routine washing. The Sharmooz has researched and discovered the most durable satin to create the Sharmooz Spa Satin Pillowcase. Satin pillowcases will always be effective in maintaining hair treatments and moisture balance. Saving your treatments will become easier, thus saving frequent trips to the beauty salon. Hair products and styling tools will last longer with using a satin pillowcase.

Cotton and cotton blend pillowcases pulls and destroys hair strands causing damage and weakens natural moisture. Hair treated by any chemical treatments and daily maintenance become sensitive and fragile, thus break causing unsightly split ends. More split ends equates to frequent trips to the salon. Hair looks rugged and looses moisture nightly. Besides, we all deserve a little luxury in our lives. The cost of our dual package satin pillowcases is the same or less than one trip to the salon.

Satin pillowcases can add simple luxuries you desire without high pricing. Hair will be protected from “drying out” with our Sharmooz Spa Satin Pillowcases. Take advantage of our FREE shipping (coupon code: free) and continued updates on specials of our affordable luxury gifts and satin pillowcases. Please visit our site and select from options of maintaining hair treatments and styles. But hurry this is a limited time offer. Expires Feb 5th at midnight.

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