Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are you sleeping on a Sharmooz?

The Sharmooz provides a proven method of stopping hair damage and dry skin from infants to adults. Satin pillowcases have been used for generations as easy and effective methods for maintaining hair styles and saving dry skin. The Sharmooz re-introduces this best kept secret with NEW, sleek and contemporary designs. The satin gift lines are innovative with two patent pending products to assist with hair repair and skin hydration. All luxury satin gifts are made with 100% authentic Charmeuse satin to ensure quality and functionality. The skin will preserve prior beauty treatments, especially after expensive spa visits with nightly use of Sharmooz satin pillowcases. This final step is crucial to help continue the hydration process of high quality facial treatments and eliminate any further drying. Wrinkles are reduced with less creases due to the smooth surface of satin pillowcases. Stop the pillow lines.

Hair styles can maintain their luster with our specialty designed satin head wraps and sleek "enclosure style" satin pillowcases. Cotton pillowcases cause friction which may lead to split ends and an undesirable matted look. Say good bye to bed hair. Bad hair days are dramatically reduce wit
h the consistent use of affordable & luxurious Sharmooz satin gift products. Hair stylist and medical professionals recommend satin use with their clients as a daily hair-care treatment. Patients suffering from medically induced hair loss will benefit from using satin pillowcases and satin head wraps. Satin has a cooling effect and may lead to a more comfortable night's sleep. The final touch to any hair-care regiment.

Celebrity hair stylist, Toni Belle endorses Sharmooz!

Our Sharmooz Spa Satin Pillowcase is high-quality 100% woven satin. The ultimate at-home hair care product. The Sharmooz Spa Satin Pillowcase is designed to maintain facial moisture over 8-hour periods of time avoiding re-introduction of bacteria to the skin.

The problem:
Do you wake up with creases in your face?
Is your hair dry and tangled in the morning?

Cotton and cotton-blend pillowcases pull and destroy hair strands causing damage and weakening natural moisture. Hair treated by any chemical treatments and even regular daily maintenance become sensitive and fragile, leaving it prone to breakage and unsightly split ends. As a result, hair looks rugged.

Skin exposed to cotton pillowcase
s loses moisture nightly too, causing an overall skin disruption resulting in premature wrinkles.

The solution:
A satin pillowcase is a time-tested traditional method for maintaining hair styles and preventing dry hair & skin problems.

Sharmooz Spa Satin Pillowcases are perfect for:

Salons and spas that pamper their clients. Once your clients have experienced your luxurious procedures and uplifting skin therapy products, you can provide spa satin pillowcases to help them continue the beautifying process on their own.

Women who need a little in-home indulgence. Extend (or experience!) that just-from-the-spa feeling from the comfort of your own home with a spa satin pillowcase. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and looking refreshed - every single morning!

The Sharmooz Company was initiated by the ground-breaking and innovative Baby Sharmooz Infant Satin Headrest. For decades, moms were advised their precious baby locks will grow back in "due-time" . The Baby Sharmooz was developed reducing the re-growth phase of infants bald spots. Instead of hiding your bundle-of-joy's balding hair with tight bows and tedious baby hats, feel free to show-off hair re-growth within three months vs. 18 months. Mom invented and mom approved. Infant hair loss can be prevented with the patent pending Baby Sharmooz Infant Satin Headrest. Please visit for further information on ordering and/or becoming a Sharmooz retailer. Remember, only The Sharmooz (patent-pending & trademarked) is the originator of high quality specialty satin hair-care products.

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