Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unveil the Secret!

Time Tested Proven Method of Sleeping Away the Wrinkles

Botox? No. Skin Treatment? No. Face Cream? No. Satin Pillowcase? YES! Facial Rejuvenation? YES!

Baton Rouge, LA May 24th 2009 - Satin pillowcases have been recommended for years by the medical profession and hair stylist as a proven way to maintain moisture within the hair and skin. This hidden treasure began in the sixties with the quest of maintaining the BIG "up-do" of the era. Cotton dries the hair and skin and drains its natural moisture balance. Satin alleviates friction and allows moisture to sustain itself within the skin and hair. The American Cancer Society recommends satin use for patients suffering from medically induced hair loss. Stylists swear by its moisture retaining properties for their clients

You can only guarantee your style with a Sharmooz! ~ The Joan of Mo Hair Salon

What is Sharmooz? The Sharmooz Company was created by launching a satin headrest that prevents infant balding (patent pending). The demand of women wanting to experience the same results launched a luxurious satin line of spa satin pillowcases and satin head wraps. The owner, Ann Tillage began the “Save My Hair” campaign to educate women of a less expensive (especially during the today’s economy) way to reduce wrinkles and achieve beautiful hair with a simple technique – toss that cotton pillowcase and replace it with a high quality satin product. Results are undeniable and regaining moisture within the hair and skin is one night's sleep away! Boutiques, Spas and Salons (available in 20 local and national locations) are affirming the benefits of offering satin products to their clients as a final touch to achieve desired results. Satin Pillowcases and products will enhance and secure treatments once the client is home.

I was skeptical, but after two nights of using Sharmooz, I was convinced. My hair and skin feel wonderful. Wanda H.

I adore the feel and coolness at night especially during flashes. Tiffanny W.

I purchased one and went back to get another and they were gone! These are selling like hotcakes! Mary T.

The Sharmooz takes pride in offering the highest grade of satin fabric with gorgeous collections and superior customer service. The Sharmooz will host mixer/educational series at The Lion’s Gate and inform women of satin’s full capabilities of this in-expensive hidden treasure and unveil the best kept secret.

Ann Tillage will attend the Influential Women in Business Luncheon June 9th, 11:30 am at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

About The Sharmooz Company: Ann Tillage is the mommy inventor, entrepreneur and author of the multi-faceted Sharmooz Company. She has researched and developed the luxury gift line while authored the newly released new mom’s survival guide called, “Don’t Rock That Baby! The Other Advice: 46 steps to survive the first year of motherhood.” The book was mentioned on a National Radio Show, syndicated in over 70 cities. The Mommy Executive (a.k.a. Ann Tillage) was recently featured in Inregister and BR Parents Magazines. Please visit The Sharmooz blog at for update details of The Sharmooz sharing and growing in the Baton Rouge community.

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